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hancock & kelly will be in residence at 6018 North for the IN>TIME festival, developing a new work for the upcoming project, goat island archive – we have discovered the performance by making it. Digging deep into the archive, they will be responding to Goat Island’s first work, Soldier, Child, Tortured Man (1987). Unearthing an architecture of athleticism, spectacle and domination, the original Goat Island work explores the militarization of daily living on an individual and societal level. hancock & kelly’s research-in-response will investigate power structures and points of resistance in relation to gender, toxic masculinity, complicity, and the white liberal project of cultural guardianship that is based on dubious positions of wealth and entitlement. Excerpts of the work-in-progress will be performed at 6018North at the end of the residency, before the work premieres at the Chicago Cultural Center in March.

About the Artists

hancock & kelly is the collaborative project of artists Richard Hancock and Traci Kelly. Since 2001, they have collaborated on a series of works questioning and provoking the gaps between subjects. Through an internationally acclaimed body of work spanning performance, choreography, video, photography, installation, and text, they have continually asked questions of where the limits of the body may be drawn, and separated from the knowledge and questions with which they are enmeshed. Issues of materiality, value, and embodied knowledge have been pivotal to the complex critical and aesthetic dialogues they undertake. Their practice moves fluidly between ‘live’ and ‘object-based’ work, and the resulting pieces have been a series of visceral and queer encounters, both moving and spectacular.

About 6018North

6018 North’s dilapidated mansion is located in Edgewater, one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods. Located in Edgewater’s Kenmore-Winthrop dense corridor of apartment buildings home to CHA, Section 8, trans-gender residents, and international refuges, as well as single family homes and condos, this neighborhood is diverse on multiple levels — economics, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and education. Yet diversity does not necessarily create a diverse community. Therefore 6018North asks how artistic encounters can connect neighbors and create a space to meet through art, food, architecture, and/or performance? 6018North is also itinerant. We create exhibitions and events in storefronts, on the beach, streets, gardens, and in classrooms. Wherever we are, we invite artists to transform spaces through art while drawing people together.

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