Defibrillator: Sally J Morgan

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The Defibrillator Gallery
1463 W Chicago Avenue
February 6th 2016, at 7pm


Working in response to the gallery space, an installation/performance work will explore memory and collective guilt through the washing and dissolving of miniature warplanes in buckets of red liquid. This is a development of a work shown at the New Zealand Art Festival as part of Performance Arcade 2014.


Sally J Morgan is a Welsh conceptual artist based in New Zealand. She has a practice which goes back over three decades and has exhibited widely (France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Japan, UK, USA). Works have been shown at London’s ICA, Belluard Bolwerk Switzerland, and very recently at Deep Anatomies in the Bahamas, at Performing Feminism at the Mart Gallery in Dublin, and as part of Unstuck in Time at Te Tuhi gallery in Auckland. Her works are durational and intense, site specific, and done in collaboration with her partner, novelist and performance artist, Jess Richards.!artists/clxo

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