Sector 2337: Mark Booth

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The Sea is Represented by an Irregular Shape

Sector 2337
2337 N Milwaukee Ave.
February 13th at 2:30
February 20th at 2:30
February 27th at 2:30
March 5th at 2:30
March 12th at 2:30

Free and open to the public


Mark Booth is an interdisciplinary artist, sound artist, writer, and musician. His work in text, image, and sound explores the material qualities of language, as well as the ways that language functions (and does not function) to describe human experience. Having learned to read and navigate the world as a dyslexic, Booth uses his work to make sense of his own disjointed experience with words and meaning. His art is simultaneously grandiose in scope (attempting (and failing, of course) to describe the entire spectrum of human existence) and comically quotidian. Booth is on the faculty of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has exhibited and performed his work in Chicago, nationally, and internationally in a variety of known and obscure venues.


Mark Booth’s evolving project The Sea is Represented by an Irregular Shape is an on-going month long production with focused occurrences of the work happening every Saturday in February at 2:30 at Sector 2337. The basis of Booth’s opera is an unfolding chain of metaphors that slowly describe a world of surprising, yet effortlessly entangled images. The intuitive resonance of each juxtaposition—how the sea could be represented by space, and space represented by carbonated water—manifests throughout the month-long performance as sound, written text, and paintings. These multivalent metaphors strike the audience as a tangent strikes a parabola; as the constantly changing performers read their way through the metaphors the supreme stillness of Booth’s formal decisions highlight the work’s strangely conscious inward movement. Cosmic in scope and stoic in its ethics, The Sea is Represented by an Irregular Shape is an opera for our ecological age. This exhibition is produced by The Green Lantern Press.

Sector 2337 is a storefront gallery and bookstore opening this October at 2337 N Milwaukee Avenue. Functioning as Head Quarters for The Green Lantern Press, Sector 2337 hosts three exhibitions a year, maintains a vibrant schedule of public programs, as well as a niche on-line bookstore and an in-store bookshelf specializing in contemporary art, poetry, theory, and independent press titles. By marrying these threads — contemporary exhibitions, readings, performances, poetry, and printed matter — we continue the spirit of The Green Lantern Press, making community, culture, and discourse easily accessible to Chicago.

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