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  • Mathew Paul Jinks: The Unreliable Narrator

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       Friday, January 11th, 2013
       6:00 pm
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Mathew Paul Jinks: The Unreliable Narrator

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Mathew Paul Jinks: The Unreliable Narrator
JANUARY 11 – FEBRUARY 23, 2013
119 N. Peoria #2c



Mathew Paul Jinks, also utilizing the strategies of speculative fiction, shows a new work in the Project Room, “The Unreliable Narrator.” Shot in India and Chicago in 2012, the work combines elements of performative ethnography, documentary, and travelogue through a series of vignettes. The practices of metallurgy, homeopathy, folk singing, and chirognomy all play their part in a space where fictional characters are interwoven with historical narration, creating a meditation on the politics of authenticity.

The work employs stilled framing, dynamic diegetic sound and physical performances as meditative spaces of sustained enquiry. Characters are encountered episodically through the familial relationships of the Producer (Parveer Singh); historical interview with the Uncle, food preparation and folk singing from an Aunt, and guidance through the brass city (Moradabad) by Gurvinderpal Singh. Chirognomy and Homeopathy and Metalurgy are devices embedded within the sub narrative; the ancient Hindu art of reading the hands spans the works historical and quotidian journey, whilst the study of plants speaks to the slow poisoning of a culture, the metal casting and cleansing are the eternal return of performative cycles and echo the responsive performances by local artists Mark Jeffery and Frank Rosaly, which fold the work back into a contemporary space. The six episodes cycle at over 60 minutes in length, no beginning or end, the decision when to stay or when to leave is with the viewer.



Mathew Paul Jinks is an English Immigrant, living teaching 
and working in Chicago Illinois. He completed his undergraduate 
degree at the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland in 2005, studying 
Fine Art Photography, then emigrating to the U.S and completing
 his MFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago in Studio Arts, as a University Fellow, 2008. Whilst currently living and working in Chicago Mathew teaches at The School of The Art institute and De Paul University. Mathew is currently working on a body of work entitled Trauma Narratives; Relocated, that 
incorporates performance and sculptural works adapted from 
collected narratives of the histories of pre-diasporic 
immigrants in Illinois. In July 2012 Mathew plans to travel to India to explore the Brass workers of Moradabad through moving image and sound. 
Recent screenings and exhibitions include, ‘Violence’ 
in St Louis and Chicago, ‘The Gene Siskel Theater’, Chicago,
’On Sundrun’ at Gallery 400, Chicago, ‘Art Chicago,
Next Art Fair’ Chicago, and “Instruments of Resurrection” 
at Roots and Culture Gallery, Chicago, 
curated by Elizabeth Chodos.

This project is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency, and a Faculty Enrichment Grant from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.