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       Wednesday, February 20th, 2013
       7:00 pm

Knocking on Doors, Waking Sleeping Dogs

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Knocking on Doors, Waking Sleeping Dogs
February 20nd 7:00 pm
119 N. Peoria #2c
Organized by Samantha Topol


“By clearly distinguishing and specifically presenting the different participants (work crew, curator, artist) that make an exhibition possible…, I wanted to show how these necessary but separate functions are equally essential for the constitution of a work.”
Michael Asher, 1977


Taking a cue in part from Mary Patten’s threewalls exhibition PANEL, this threewalls salon series “Knocking on Doors, Waking Sleeping Dogs” will open with a presentation on February 20 to present and pose questions about the labor behind exhibition-making. What this discussion produces in discourse and ideas will be explored through other forms—performances, live readings, reading seminars, installations, and others still to be discovered—in the next events occurring throughout the spring.

The first event will be February 20, 2013, featuring Monika Szewczyk, Visual Arts Program Curator, Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago and will co-incide with the opening of the e-flux co-op bookstore at threewalls.

This series is organized by Samantha Topol