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Backlit: chris cheek

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Backlit: chris cheek
February 16th 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
1136 N. Milwaukee Ave.

B A C K L I T seeks to invite the recombination of word and image from translocal communities of conversants on diverse e-list servers, Facebook, and Twitter. Members of listā€servers are asked to send both an image and a text of no more than 140 characters to performer, and to do so in response to thought processes/actions given rise to by the phrase “Remediating the Social”. The performer will recombine those elements. The piece itself is simple, complexity will be generated by the volume of submissions.

cris cheek is a British poet, artist, interdisciplinary performer and professor at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Born in London in 1955, he lived and worked in that capital until the early 1990s. One early influence was working alongside Bob Cobbing at the Poetry Society printshop and the Writers Forum group of poets who met with regularity on the premises in Earls Court. In 1981 he was a co-founder of Chisenhale Dance Space and for much of that decade he worked alongside musicians from the London Musicians Collective, choreographers and live artists to make interdisciplinary works. Between 1994-2005 he was based in the most easterly English town of Lowestoft, before emigrating to the United States. His musical collaborations include Slant (a trio with Phillip Jeck and Sianed Jones). A large body of interdisciplinary performance writing was produced in collaboration with Kirsten Lavers under the author function Things Not Worth Keeping. He taught on the Performance Writing course (1995-2002) at Dartington College of Arts where he was a Research Fellow in interdisciplinary text (2000-2002). He lives on the plateau of the southwest Ohio River Valley, with his son. (Source: Wikipedia.)