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A winter-long city-wide multi-venue performance festival for Chicago

Chicago, IL—Chicago’s coldest months will be a little warmer with the energy of performance art. The city of Chicago will host IN>TIME performance art festival, featuring both international and local artists exhibiting in 14 diverse venues across the city. Organized in collaboration with the venues by Artist, curator and SAIC Performance faculty member Mark Jeffery, the festival will showcase outstanding performance work from January 11–March 2, 2013.

This biennial performance series existed formally as a one-night event at the Chicago Cultural Center. The two previous editions in 2008 and 2010 were co-curated with artist Sara Schnadt and produced by Claire Geall Sutton. Since that time, the exhibition has expanded into its current, extended showcase. Venues range in size and scope; from MCA Chicago and the Chicago Cultural Center, to the Red Rover Series and Threewalls Gallery. These venues have collaborated with Jeffery to curate and exhibit performance art, video screenings, lectures, and symposia that investigate intersections of body, text, object, sound, and technology.

IN>TIME will present Chicago as a place for cutting-edge, global performance incubation and exhibition series. Says Jeffery, “it is important to present the fact that Chicago is a known destination for performance.” He continues, “The mission is to expose new and returning audiences to the diverse perspectives of performance art through diverse mediums and venues.”

Venues include: Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA Chicago), Chicago Cultural Center, Links Hall, The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago, Sullivan Galleries, Threewalls Gallery, 6018 North, Hyde Park Art Center, Logan Center for the Arts, Block Museum, Red Rover Series, Defibrillator, Insight Arts/Rumble Arts Center and Roosevelt University.


Mark Jeffery mjeffe@saic.edu


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